BIOALVO’s proven biotech approach creates valuable microorganism-derived products that can be incorporated as ingredients into finished products for several industries. This way BIOALVO is converting a unique and sustainable feedstock into real-world applications that meet the demands of the world today – and into the future.

At the core of our business model is the power of proprietary biotechnology tools to harvest the potential of the untapped Portuguese ecosystems and natural resources: the largest marine continental shelf in Europe and its unique terrestrial and cultural heritage – and convert them to innovative ingredients to be incorporated in the finished products of several industries ranging from pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household or nutrition industries, amongst many others.

BIOALVO’s main assets are our flexible bioactive screening high throughput technology
GPS D2 – our unique and exclusive Portuguese microorganisms natural extracts libraries and our manufacturing and upscalling capacity. With this integrated capacity BIOALVO has already generated an innovative portfolio of bioactive ingredients for a range of diverse markets.


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